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For Your Body Corporate

Your property is one of the biggest long-term financial investments you’ll ever make. When you buy into a unit title development, you’re buying into a community.

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Experienced Management

We help create harmonious and thriving communities where residents feel heard and supported

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Professional Services

Our expert administration services ensure your property management needs are taken care of

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Actions, not words

We do what we say we will, do it properly, and do it within the time frame we said we would

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Experienced, Commited
& Personalised

As a property developer, you need a partner you can trust. That’s why you deserve a body corporate manager that delivers an experienced, committed, and personalised service.

Catherine Tear, the Founder and Director of Everything Body Corportate, has over a decade of experience in property administration. Catherine offers exceptional body corporate management services throughout Tauranga, the wider Bay of Plenty, and New Zealand.

Corporate Services We Specialise In

Everything Body Corporate provides a range of benefits to property owners. We offer management services, developer services, small body corp administration and assistance with remedial projects.

Management Services

From preparing everything for your meetings to correspondence, insurance, levies, and organising maintenance and repair, let us streamline all your financial, administrative, and practical matters to ensure the smooth running of your body corporate.

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Developer Services

We have supported many developers in setting up a body corporate or resident’ s society as a staged, layered or single staged development from conception to completion. Collaborate with us let’s create better communities in beautiful spaces. 

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Small Body Corp Admin

We are expert administrators and pride ourselves on being detail oriented and highly responsive. Enjoy our professional and personalised service for the success of your investment. Our uncompromising commitment to quality is what sets us apart.

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Remediation Services

We’re no strangers to dealing with large maintenance projects and understand the complexities around leaky buildings, seismic strengthening, and protected heritage buildings. You can rely on our expertise to achieve a successful outcome.

Recent Projects

Everything Body Corporate provides property owners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property is being professionally managed. View our projects gallery to see our client portfolio.

Our Valued Client Testimonials

Body Corporate Resources, Articles & News

A comprehensive guide to managing your property and maintaining its value, with expert advice on financial management, administration, and governance.