Covid 19 Supporting your Body Corporate

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caught everyone by surprise and whilst we wait to see the impact this virus will have on our daily lives, it’s not surprising that many of our body corporate residents are worried about the prospect of living in close proximity.

Keep Calm, Be Kind and Use Common Sense

As a Body Corporate Manager it falls to us to help guide and support our body corporate clients through these exceptional circumstances and to keep their buildings operating while we all wait. The Unit Titles Act which directs how a body corporate is managed, has no provision to deal with pandemics – perhaps it should.

In these circumstances the Act is of little use to help guide us, not least our body corporate clients, through these unprecedented times. So what better way than to let humanity guide us by “keeping calm, being kind and using common sense”.

Support through the Pandemic

If you are a body corporate Chairperson, committee member or Owner looking for some guidance, here are a few of our thoughts to help.
1. Meetings
Committee meetings do not allow postal or proxy voting. Arising matters will need to be circulated and decided by email. Best practice is to ratify any decisions that get made retrospectively when the committee can meet again formally.

Consider postponing your Annual General Meeting. If it can’t be postponed.
  • Consider voting by postal vote or,
  • Video-call into the meeting. If you call-in you must appoint a proxy. Consider appointing the person chairing the meeting as the proxy, so the quorum can be met and your vote can be cast (if fully paid up
2. Financial Review
Our economy has gone from “Rock-star” to precariously rocky. Many Unit Owners or tenants are facing the prospect of financial hardship. This is a time for the body corporate to review its funds and consider how it can assist its owners with meeting levied contributions, whilst still being able to meet its own operational costs.
3. Step-Up the Cleaning Regime
Lobbies, lifts, banisters, handrails, door handles and push plates are all high-touch areas. Cleaning products should be with strong disinfectant, protective equipment and if the budget allows increase frequency between cleans. Where there are communal facilities within the building, such as gym, changing rooms, or shared bathrooms, consider closing these as they are high risk areas for the virus to spread.
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4. Create Community Support
Check in on your neighbours. Not only does it build community relationships, it helps support others during stressful times and creates better community spirit.

  • If you or someone in the building tests positive for Covid-19 the Body Corporate Manager should be informed so they can take further steps to help prevent its spread.
  • Have a plan within the building to help your neighbours get the things they need, especially if they are in self-isolation or are deemed high-risk of becoming infected. Groceries and mail could be left outside their door.

If you are concerned and would like to talk to us at Everything Body Corporate – feel free to contact us.
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