Developer Services

Adding Value Right From The Start

As New Zealand’s population grows, our towns and cities are rapidly being shaped by the need for medium and high density housing in the form of unit titled developments or shared lane resident associations.  Capturing the Kiwi need for affordable home ownership without compromising on quality, and creating an environment for enjoyable community living is no easy task.

Collaborate with the best in the business

Many developers have chosen to partner with Everything Body Corporate to help them set up their new body corporate development. We like to meet with our developers early on, ideally before Resource Consent is granted, to discuss the concept plans, and to better understand the vision, time frames and any construction budget. By choosing to partner with us we can share our knowledge and experiences of what works well, the types of design aspects that add on-going cost to purchasers and identify any potential headaches or pitfalls early on. We offer practical solutions to ensure your body corporate development is successful and your purchasers love their investments and want to re-invest with you again. We quietly and efficiently work in the background to sort out the nitty-gritty of setting up the body corporate or resident’s society on your behalf, so you can focus on what you do best – building housing developments. Whether it is a small residential or large mixed-used development, Everything Body Corporate has the skills and experience to support your next development project.

How We Support Your Development

Pre-Sales & Marketing

We will work collaboratively with you to prepare pre-sales documents for your marketing needs. Including preliminary budgets, proposed levies and rules.

Completion & Settlement

EBCL will assist with preparing disclosure statements and final setup of the body corporate, ready for settlement to your purchasers.

Warranty & Defect Management

Everything Body Corporate will assist with management of defects and ongoing warranties and building guarantees.

Body Corporate Resources, Articles & News

A comprehensive guide to managing your property and maintaining its value, with expert advice on financial management, administration, and governance.

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